Veronica Hamel Weight

by erin on June 30, 2011

How Much Does Veronica Hamel Weigh?

Veronica Hamel is believed to currently weigh 139lbs, or about 63kg. 

How Tall Is Veronica Hamel?

Veronica Hamel stands at 5’8″, which is approximately 173cm tall. 

What Are Veronica Hamel’s Measurements?

Her measurements are 32-24-34 (70-60-75).

What Is Veronica Hamel’s Bra Size?


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j July 9, 2011 at 12:30 pm

I have a BIG problem with your weight estimates. I’m an ex model and currently in the health and fitness field. I am also from L.A. and I can tell you that your weight / measurements are grossly off of reality for the majority of the celebs on here. A person only needs to have a basic concept of body proportion / ratios to see this. For example, Veronica Hemel could not have the measurements provided here, at her age and weigh 139 lbs. Look at her proportions and the fat distribution, this women is more like 159 – 170lbs and 36 / 29 / 38…. Emily Scott is another. She is 5’9, not 5’6 and her measurments are actually 34DD / 26 / 35… She is closer to 125 lbs – not 110lbs. Your under estimate of weight vs. body proportion leaves people who have less experience with a skewed concept of weight proportions and adds to the problem of weight obsession amongst young women. Please get your facts straight and consider the responsibility you have to your audience.


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