Famke Janssen Weight

by erin on July 18, 2011

How Much Does Famke Janssen Weigh?

Famke Janssen weighs roughly 132lbs, or 60kg. 

How Tall Is Famke Janssen?

5′ and 11.5″, which is approximately 182cm tall.

What Are Famke Janssen’s Measurements?

Her measurements are 36-24-36 (80-60-80).

What Is Famke Janssen’s Bra Size?


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Nicolette June 24, 2012 at 1:01 pm

What’s all the fuss about Famke’s height?! 5ft11, 5 ft11.5, who would say such a thing to not have to say that you’re 6 ft tall (as a woman of course!).
There are indeed plenty men who say they are 6 ft tall but are in actual fact 5ft10 or less. Trust me, I am 6ft tall and have met men like that. :) I am actually a tad over 6 ft, namely 1m84, so presumably almost an inch taller than Famke. She should not have to (almost) apologise for being a tall broad, whether in NY or anywhere else, although it is more noticeable to be a tall woman outside of the Netherlands if that’s your home country. The other day a little girl said “Wow, that is such a tall woman!” when she saw me walk into the supermarket. “Yes, indeed, she is very tall,” her mother said. That is not something I would have said to my child. More in the line of “watch what you say in public,” but ah, truth out of the mouth of babes, right? I see plenty tall (young) women in this corner of the Netherlands, but still, the little girl thought it was an oddity. Perhaps because mommy barely reached 1m60? It’s all relative.
Ever since Michelle McLean (6ft1 – 1m85) won Miss Universe, I think it’s perfectly cool to be a tall broad. It’s FAT that one should worry about (for health reasons).
Go Famke!
I’ve written a manuscript which features a rather tall woman, even taller than Famke. Perhaps she will feature in the movie?


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